Not all terraces are on the same level.

The Terrace Experts assist in all stages of terrace ownership: buying, holding & selling. After years researching NYC terraces, we’ve created the most comprehensive database of terraced properties, the pros that make them livable, and the buyers who desire them. In the process, we’ve become the city’s leading authority on terraces.

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Not all terraces are on the same level. Neither are all real estate brokers. Here's what we do:

  • INDUSTRY EXPERTISE:  We have 40+ years' combined experience & $500 mil+ in sales.
  • INFORMED PRICING:  Our proprietary pricing algorithm has 95 unique variables.
  • BUYER POOL:  We keep a far-reaching network of vetted terrace buyers.
  • TARGETED MARKETING: Our website and social media are specifically targeted for terrace buyers.
  • VERIFIED TERRACES:  We have reviewed every terrace in Manhattan and found 5,720+ real terraces—no balconies or patios here.
  • TERRACE IDENTIFICATION:  Using our proprietary database of terraced apartments.
  • OFF-MARKET ACCESS: We can find your dream apartment by directly targeting owners of all properties - on or off the market.
  • PRO ROLODEX:  We have hand-picked the best architects, landscapers, contractors and are constantly looking for new resources for our clients.
  • PRIVATE SALES: We can connect you with interested buyers for exclusive, off-market deals.
  • UNBIASED ADVICE: Our unique perspective allows us to provide advice on how to best enhance the value and use of your terrace.